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This world

It is reported that ‘Abdullāh b. Mas’ūd – Allāh be pleased with him – said:

This world (the dunyā) is [only taken as] a home by those who will have no real home [in Jannah], and it is the wealth of those who will have no real wealth, and it is gathered and collected for by those who have no real intelligence.

Ibn Abī Al-Dunyā, Dhamm Al-Dunyā article 16.

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The Happy life by Shaykh Fawzaab

Reading and writing fictional stories
Question: What is the ruling regarding reading or writing fictional stories and those which arouse the imagination? And if some of them [aid in] rectify[ing] social problems, then is this permissible?
Response: Fictional stories are from lies which occupy the time of the writer and the reader without benefit, so abandoning busying oneself with them is preferable. And if writing and reading [fictional stories] occupies oneself from that which is obligatory then this [fictional stories] is prohibited. And if it occupies oneself from that which is recommended then this [fictional stories] is disliked. In any case, the time of the Muslim is valuable, so it is not permissible to spend it in that which there is no benefit.
Shaykh Saalih al-Fowzaan
ad-Durar an-Naadhirah fil-Fataaawa al-Mu’aasirah - Pages 644-645

al-Fowzaan - ad-Da’wah 1516, Jumaada al-Oolaa 1416AH

Page 20 from a woman’s guide to raising a family by Shaykh Fawzaan

Just made it.. subhana Allah so beautiful

A right….

A right….

Salman told Abu Ad-Darda’ (radhiAllaahu ‘anhu),

“Your Lord has a right on you, your soul has a right on you, and your family has a right on you; so you should give the rights of all those who has a right on you.”

The Prophet (sallAllaah ‘alayhi wa sallam) said,

“Salman has spoken the truth.”

— [Sahih Al-Bukhari 3/189, Narrated Abu Juhaifa]

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